Crossing the Alps

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flight 77


Hittisau | A – Casei Gerola, Pavia | I

in a hight of 4200 metres, with 100 km/h and over a distance of 300 km


We would have had gas till Genua - but there is neither chance for landing, neither it is in the Appenine Mountains. The violet-green route is our flight the red-turqouise one the possibility of the winds.

After years of painting cows, flying over the Alps in an udder feels like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly


photo by the pilot Eugen Nussbaumer

The rides of FLYING UDDER are performative expeditions and sources of birth for new perspectives on our global interaction.


a celery travelled with the pilot and the artist


photos by Elmar Bertsch

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A remarkable image of women has been added to the European topos of crossing the Alps. The first crossing in an udder was successful. project website

Dem europäischen Topos der Alpenüberquerung wurde ein bemerkenswertes Frauenbild hinzugefügt.
Die erste Alpenüberquerung im Euter ist geglückt ! Projekt Website