Datasheets: Notre-Dame

Left Right

Mixed media on paper
21 × 29,7 cm

A golden arch is connecting both towers of the west facade as a sign of unity and triumph over the flames. This arch is standing for our conscious interconnectivity on planet earth. The hot air balloon Flying Udder is highlighting the feminine aura of Notre-Dame as an outstanding power of our present time.

Barbara Anna Husar was invited by éditions jannink Paris to contribute to the book “15 avril 2019. visions d'artistes”. The book collects 44 artistic visions for the restoration of Notre-Dame cathedralin Paris, after being damaged from a massive fire in spring 2019.

This proposal includes the idea of a roof forest of Vincent Callebaut covered by the eco-friendly rooftop design with solar-powered recycled glass spire.


Repros: Elmar Bertsch


15 avril 2019. visions d'artistes, éditions jannink, paris, 2019, ISBN 978-2-37229-038-8