with all my trilobits

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HDV, 03:55 min | A


particles of Husars exhibition `breeding on the hull of the universe´ at Kunstverein Ulm | D, 2013

Trilobites are the most divergent group among all extinct creatures.

dedicated to the breeding on the hull of the universe 


evolution is not about arrival


2 iron meteorites, 55 gramm carbon, 70 gramm silicium, 5 petrified

trilobites, 13 human trilobits, many flying eggs, 13 mortarboxes, 26

hard disks, 7 chippans, 7 salad spinners, 11 hard drive engines, 22

stamped trilobites, 18 carabiners for deep sea fishing, 12 read/write

heads, 21 hard drive magnets, 12 golden longnecked deep fryers,

franz and some silicon sand.


directed by Barbara Anna Husar

cinematographer ⁄ editor : Valentin Sam

concept of movement : Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki & team

soundscapes: Thomas Wagensommerer, Rosi Rehaug Rehformen

part of implement circuit : Bernadette Stummer


WITH ALL MY TRILOBITS, live-animated and interdirected by Barbara Husar during the performative discourse Laboratory Future Horizon - Soirée Fractal Future, MQ, Vienna | 2014


Every now and then a cell-collective is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions. It is not the strongest or the most intelligent team who will survive but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.


 trilobit frequencies during the rehersal


day after / Candyfactory Vienna | A