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13 meteorite and derwish skirt, Sinai desert | EG, 2023


from different angles of our solar system


celestial bodies from different angles of our solar system, two of them were add ons in case needed

13 sessions

dancing cosmic expansion in time and space
after shepherding my own goats here for 7 years
and collecting their umbilical cords
within the DATA EXCHANGE organism (2007-2013)

Being orbited by 13 ancient celestial bodies which contain with a high probability records of our solar system’s history.
The 13 meteorite from different angles of our solar system were placed every 47cm on the bottom of my dervish skirt to orbit my being in the primordial rock while I was spinning.

Meteorites could have been responsible for delivering the basis of life’s genetic code. Analyses suggest that nucleobases, the crucial components of DNA, could have formed in space and then fallen to Earth to provide the raw material for the origin of life itself.
`It is possible that some of the ancient celestial bodies contain presolar grains-minerals that existed even before our sun was born.
These bits of stardust became trapped in meteorites where they remained unchanged for billions of years, making them time capsules of the time before the solar system´says Prof. Philipp Heck from the University of Chicago.


Such fragments orbit the Sun for some time–often millions of years–before colliding with Earth. Most meteorites are far older than the oldest rocks on Earth. They carry informations about how our solar system evolved into the Sun and planets of today—and how meteorite impacts could affect our future.


EXPLORING INFINITE is a performance-series and an interstellar finetuning for the beginning of gold plating the hammock made from umbilical cords of desert-goats.